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Chris Winn self-portrait

ABOUT | Chris Winn, originally from Illinois, now lives and works in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1979. Chris worked as an award-winning graphic designer, primarily on publications, including Better Homes and Garden magazine. Through the years, Chris has written and illustrated three children’s books. She has taught art to preschoolers up to the college level. She was a founding partner in Circus Design, a graphic design, and illustration agency. Chris serves on the board of directors for Oscar the MS Monkey, non-profit supporting kids and families on their journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Chris also volunteers as Oscar’s illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer.

  After 2020 it was time to pivot; Chris redirected to work solely on 

creating fine art.


ARTIST STATEMENT  |  I love a good story. I began my art with a narrative, visualizing a memory, fantasy, observation, or opinion.

My concepts are born from a happy, quirky life.


PROCESS  |  Collecting digital images and selecting snips to create something old into something new. Using the computer as my canvas and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as my paintbrush. Each piece is printed on archival paper and signed.

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